Forgot about these again.

Hate to be swallowing them again.

The bugs seems to be getting to me even more, when i'm supposedly to be less stressed and idling now....
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How to train ur dragon

hastily booked tix online for movie.

Was wondering how come so expensive on a weekday at cine cathay...

Only to realize I accidentally booked the 3D slot.

Hope I dun get dizzy....

N/b: anyone knows how to attach
image if posting from phone??? :( the app can't dl


Love is indeed a strange thing.

Temperamental as it is, Love often takes the form of a rollercoaster, throwing you the endless blue skies and making you feel at the top of the world, and next moment your heart takes a deep plunge and you are staring into abysmal depths of despair.

It has a blood brother, called Hate. The one you wished you never had, but you will never manage to get it out of your face.
Eccentric as it is, Hate does not hang around you and jump into the pathway you walk upon. It creeps slowly but surely, always prepared to strike a low-blow so hard that sometimes it knocks your senses out and lets loose of all inhibitions.

They are brothers, but do not bear the same heritage.

Love have no parents, it is there when it is meant to be. No, I do not think that it can be cultured nor bred.
Sacred & elusive, it answers to no one and comes as it wishes.
But when it leaves, it makes sure that it's brother does its job well, leaving a trail of destruction and mayhem.

Hate would be somewhat of what you call a bastard. Born from the womb of Anger, whom have slept with Fear, Ignorance, Deceit, Disgrace and countless others, Hate found a strong bond with Love. Whether or not Love beckoned, Hate would appear.

Hate's children are sticky ones.
Violence amongst the eldest, always had the least patience.
Discord threw caution to the wind, drawing the other sluts and whores to him.
Revenge appeared once in a blue moon, but always made sure that he had brought along enough candy to make everyone happy.

I probably thought that Love would have siblings such as Understanding, Hope, Concern & Joy.

But I've come to realise that they are distant relatives you only get to see once every festive occassion.
Sometimes they even forgot how much their absence would be missed and go on long hiatus.

Love is indeed a strange thing. And a loner.

I know I promised not to blog about emo stuff.

But it's amazing how a simple phonecall (or the abrupt termination of it) can disrupt and dampen what I thought was supposed to be the happiest day of my life in a very long time.

I'm tired. Gonna sleep.

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Welcome.                                                                                         Home?


Happy Tiger New Year!

Just thought should post this to welcome the CNY.

May I present....

Priestess of the Moon!!!!     *Warriors of the Night, Assemble!!!!*

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The Avatar, The Last Air-Bender

'Last Airbender' Theatrical Trailer 


The series babychen_   introduced to me more than 3... or was it 4 years ago.. got me addicted.

And now, it's on the big screen!

Really praying hard that they dun slaughter it like DBZ movie cos of the full ang mor cast to replace the main characters.

Wonder who's playing Zuko, and I badly want to see the part where Aang & Zuko goes to the original Sun tribe to learn the way of the fire. 


And sadly, bcos of James Cameron, Aang have to settle for The Last Airbender, instead of The Avatar. Lol...



came in to visit again and just realised how morbid this space have become. much due to me being more and more pessimistic in life.

2009 is coming to a closure.

I would not say that i hadn't achieve anything. People grow.

People learn. Some more than others.

I used to think that i didnt have much of a temper. But i think i've lost it quite a number of times in recent months.

In even recent weeks, I've come to observe how quick that temper simmers down as long as i leave it alone, even for... let's say ten minutes.

Been on radio a lot, heard that apparently,

the Top 10 New Year resolutions included :

-> Getting organised
-> Quit drinking
-> Lose weight
-> Achieve more things in a day

Some are more relevant, some aren't

But the one that tops all, which i have been trying and i hope i have been doing all these while,

-> Spend more time with family and friends

I ain't making any resolutions. I will keep updating my short-term and long-term goals and i move along.

2010 marks a new beginning.

Start of another phase in life.

Despite whatever others are saying, I am very much looking forward to it.

More happy thoughts. =)
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